WhatsYourPrice – Just the title with this web site is a large flag that is red no-no!

As times pass, we see the uprising of several sugar dating sites, which all involve some imaginative aspect to them, attempting to set by themselves aside from other sugar internet dating sites. WhatsYourPrice has surely show up having an unique concept to base their web site around, nonetheless, a pay-to-play scenario isn’t real towards the perfect SD/SB relationship. Generally speaking, in cases where a POT SD is asking your cost, what he’s actually shopping for is an escort and sometimes even a high-end prostitute. It’s clear that this website is perhaps not encouraging LTA. But, if you’re fascinated by the concept, continue reading even as we did much deeper in to the site and exactly how it really works.

WhatsYourPrice: What To Anticipate

In the What’s Your Price, it’s possible to locate various bidders, which can be exactly exactly how people get times. It really is no cost to register for this, to ensure that’s nice. You are going to be able to make a search then start bidding from as low as $5. Yes, that’s right, to reach out to a Sugar Daddy on this site, you have suggest what you’d pay him!! Otherwise, you have to just sit and wait for someone to make you an offer after you have created a profile. In the event that you get an offer, your options that are only accept or decrease. You can’t content them before you’ve accepted, so negotiating is awkward.

Meeting a match doesn’t suggest you’ve got a match

Just like every other sugar site that is dating not everyone you are free to satisfy is really the most perfect and appropriate glucose Daddy partner. If they actually are your type as you enroll, there are different types of people and there are those who get the thumbs up. Regardless of the proven fact that there are a great number of scammers out here, there are those who are actually genuine on this website, however it’s difficult to inform that is who since the information supplied is really so restricted, and you also can’t message a POT SD to make the journey to know very well what he’s like.

Can It Be Worth Every Penny?

In the event that you aren’t terribly particular and they are happy to head out with anybody for fast money, this could be the sugar dating internet site for you personally. Some glucose children just starting out like performing a pay-to-play kind arrangement simply because they earn money faster, however if a mutually beneficial arrangement can be your objective, you need ton’t get totally hooked on a pay-to-play arrangement. It is too near to prostitution that is illegal be safe.

Site’s Terminology

What’s Your cost works in method they are in a position to link a customer and a vendor. nonetheless they have actually developed their particular terms to spell it out users, such as for instance a member that is generous stunning users.

Good users are the ones Sugar that is wealthy Daddies have the cash as they are hunting for a nice-looking glucose Daddy to truly continue a romantic date with, whereby they browse and if they have the match they need they bid and give their launching price, then negotiations actually start, supposedly. But, once I began bids that are receiving there clearly wasn’t a counter offer choice, just accept or decrease. So, i assume negotiating is simply carried out by declining until they guess your price.

Gorgeous members are young Sugar Babies, who will be contacted because of the members that are generous order to be paid to head out using them. Whenever a appealing sugar infant is opted for, the bid is usually fond of them, and are at a liberty to either agree or decrease the offer. They state you can also get one step further and recommend an amount, but I didn’t see an alternative to do that actually. After having a bid is accepted, then you’re able to begin emailing your POT SD to help make the plans to meet up. The profile info is not a lot of, so there’s really little you are able to read about an innovative new glucose Daddy before you consent to head out with him, which appears dangerous and counterproductive, because it’s a waste of the time to head out with some body that you’d have offered if you’d known more info on them.

Pricing & Refund Policy

That you can get to use after you have signed in to the account, there are various features. The account really provides you with updates regarding the matches that are recent if you should be a part. You can easily conceal your profile, if you’re likely to be inactive for a little, and view when POT glucose Daddies had been final on line. Nevertheless, to have a verification for the profile, you must spend a $50 charge, that is absurd.

The What’s Your Price cash policy is dependant on credits maybe maybe maybe not cash, in addition they can be found in packages. A number of the rates are:

  • $50 = 100 credits
  • $150 = 450 credits
  • $250 = 1,000 credits
  • Member verification = extra $50

Whichever package you select depends as you increase the money on you and the credits increase. These re re payments are typically done through bank card, Alternate Payment Method, MoneyGram, and cash sales. Each one of these deals are strictly non-refundable.


In line with the theory behind this website, it allows rich Sugar Daddies to pay for upfront for a romantic date by having a gorgeous sugar Baby. The idea is attracting numerous Sugar Daddies who’re a new comer to the thought of a glucose Baby and alson’t identified that we now have improved ways to find an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. If you’re seeking to make fast cash, and you’re willing to date anybody, this will be a simple way to accomplish it.


The profile information presented is actually restricted, therefore the failure to kik keep in touch with a POT SD before accepting their bid is actually strange and me personally feel incredibly uncomfortable. And I’m perhaps perhaps not yes it talks well of a glucose Daddy become ready to bid on a POT SB he knows virtually nothing about. In addition, I experienced bids that are many from individuals who are not regional, leading us to wonder how a romantic date works? I possibly couldn’t ask should they had been expecting me to come to them, or, what I really suspected, that this would be a “virtual” date, which I suspect means they are hoping for a cam show if they were going to be coming to my area.

Conclusion of Review

I simply can’t observe how this web site is a good clear idea. It’s extremely limited, together with entire concept is really dubious. It seems similar to a workaround for escorts and prostitutes than a niche site for genuine glucose children searching for legit glucose Daddies for a mutually useful arrangement. Always check right back for reviews of genuine sugar online dating sites for glucose infants searching for rich older males.